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Astro Guide is your home for daily horoscopes and cosmic wellness. Whether you’re starting your morning or planning your night out, take a moment to reflect, listen to your inner voice, and feel more connected to your friends and lovers. Our expert astrologers tap into this centuries-old practice to bring you daily horoscopes and self-care advice that are personalized, playful, and freakishly accurate.

Personal Horoscopes

Hit pause, reflect, and reset. Consult your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign to make the most of your day.

See how you're compatible

From a hot date to a new roommate, find out if it’s a good match for you. See how any two signs relate to each other in work, love, and play.

Stay cosmically aligned

Find out if your Taurus crush is ready for the next step. See what’s bugging your Virgo bestie today. Get daily insights on how the cosmos are affecting those closest to you.